iTrona GmbH is a young and dynamic engineering company specialized in designing and developing industrial electronic solutions.

Our engineers are highly experienced in the development of hard- and software for micro processing devices and installations.

We are specialized in Real-Time-Programming (Assembler, C, C++ etc.) of microcontrollers of the family TI (MSPxxx), NEC, Motorola, Atmel and Hitachi.

Various integrating projects for Bus-connections over M-Bus, KNX/EIB, USB, LON, according to IEC 61’107 standard (RS232, RS484, optic), as well as TCP/IP connections have already been implemented including the surveillance, evaluation, analysis and control software.

Additionally, we design and program hard- and software to control, surveille and visualize industrial installations (by PC or Siemens PLC, SAIA, Selectron etc.) developed to meet our customers’ individual requirements.

We are a team of experienced engineers in energy issues, electronics and industrial computing who have created effective electronic solutions for customers for several years.

Contact us:
iTrona GmbH
Rickenbachstrasse 142
CH-6432 Rickenbach SZ
Tel.: 0041 (0)41 811 41 70
Fax: 0041 (0)41 811 41 67

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usbRider, Die Erweiterung für deinen Radtrainer

Information about the usbRider you find here: http://www.usbrider.com